CF1159 - Elliot Pounds Zeb (Bareback)

Release Year: 2012 Genres: Hunks, Muscules, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Bareback, Tatoos Elliot is one of the more soft-spoken guys out at the shoots. However, he’s definitely one of the sexiest. One of the other sexiest around is Zeb – who doesn’t know what the words “soft-spoken” mean (OW! Zeb just hit me, since he’s watching me type this!) Seriously, though – Zeb is extremely outgoing and a lot of fun. So I thought it might be good for Elliot to hook up with him. Zeb’s also gotten a lot more verbal during sex lately – though I think we’d have to argue Zeb just talks a lot, period (OW!) Elliot drops to his knees and goes down on Zeb’s cock. Zeb gives him lots of encouragement. Elliot jerks himself off as he swallows Zeb’s cock. Zeb gets Elliot on the chair and sucks his dick. Zeb also plays with his own ass a little, anxious to take Elliot’s cock. He slides his own finger into his ass, teasing it. Then he lifts up Elliot’s leg, kissing and licking Elliot’s toes, still striking Elliot’s cock. Zeb climbs on top of Elliot’s cock. He slides up and down, riding Elliot’s stiff dick. He tells Elliot how good it feels in his ass. He slows down the pace, grinding slower, then speeds up as Elliot drills into him. Elliot bends Zeb over the arm of the chair and pounds his ass. Zeb moans and tells Elliot “Yeah, just like that!” Elliot fucks Zeb even faster. Zeb lies on the ottoman and Elliot slides his cock back inside of him. Zeb jerks his own dick, taking every inch of Elliot’s cock. Elliot’s pounding makes Zeb shoot his load all over his chest and abs. Elliot pulls out and blasts his load on top of Zeb, splashing him with cum. Elliot still didn’t say a lot … but I think he let his actions speak louder than words. File size: 225.4 MB CF1159 - Elliot Pounds Zeb (Bareback).wmv
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