Eurocreme - Soldier Boy

Format: avi Release Year: 2006 Genres: anal/oral sex, soldiers Private Grant is a British squaddie. A lean, mean fighting machine, he's the best. He's joined the Army to find his dream boy, after spying trooper Tom Schwarz enjoying a rough and ready fuck on a combat training exersize. The Army doctor's probing medical files finds Grant fit to fight, and he's soon in Basic Training. It's a hard régime, and the directing staff are very demanding. But Grant has a special talent! He's the Battalion's top gun... until an indiscretion with a new recruit lands him in military prison. Will this be the final defeat for Private Grant? Action-packed from the first bang to the final shootout, director Max Lincoln lays down an artillery barrage of sexual ecstasy! File size: 672.1 MB Eurocreme Soldierboy 1.2006.avi
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