Cast: Jarod Steel, Bryce Van Ryan, J.T. Asprey, Billy Blazedale, Sean Avory, Frankie Jay, Robert Anderson, Jason Forest and Kyle Foxxx. Genres: Amateur Twinks, bareback actions, oral, anal, cumshots, rimming How far will you go to get some dick? These American hotties dip pretty low but the end result is an interesting, exciting and twisted look at sexual fantasies and desires! JAROD STEEL heads up an all-star cast of smooth, cock-hungry studs in this exciting, dirty, all-out BAREBACK fuckfest! Much of the cast from the original returns in new roles. Frankie got used in the first one, now he wants to be a cum artist and do the using. Although he's a janitor cleaning Bryce's probation officer's office, he's got Bryce thinking he's his new P.O. and offers the probie a way to clean his record. After some throat probing and ass rimming, Bryce has Frankie bent over the desk to take it deep with the pair finishing with some finger licking cum eating. Kyle and Jason pull a con on each other and each gets what he wants, starting with massage therapy turned into an oral workout in front and back. No fighting from this versatile pair over who gets to top here. These flip floppers go back and forth several times through numerous positions until cum meets tongue. The cover threesome handle the finale scene. Jason (center) puts his topping skills to the test on Billy (left) and Sean. Jason cons the pair to service his cock while he leans back with a smile, then his throbbing tool is ready to take on their asses. He lines them up in all sorts of highly fuckable ways including side by side, stacked, and asses in the air for a piledrive. After he's got them broken in, it's time to lean back and let them work his shaft by taking turns climbing on for a ride. After a good drilling of their holes, the two bottoms get their faces hosed with cum. Format: avi Duration: 2:04:02 Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1081kbps Audio: 187kbps File size: 1.1 GB cum_artists2.avi cum_artists2.avi cum_artists2.avi
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