Release Year: 2002 Cast: Rodrigo Limos, Marcello Cabral, Samuel Rodrigues, Diogo Silva, Marco Axel, Roger Andrade, Wander Martins Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Latinos, Muscle Men, Big/Uncut Cocks, Outdoor Sex, Tattoo In Lay It On Thick, professional strip teasers find hard men easy and get easy men hard! First, two dancers team up when Rodrigo Lemos tops Wander Martins in one of the rooms of the sex club. Next, Marcello Cabrall does his dance, then takes a break on the rooftop of the club where Samuel Rodrigues delivers him a drink, then Marcello tops him mercilessly. Then, Marcos Axel dances and, after hours, likes to skateboard around the beach. He meets another skateboarder, Diogo on the sidewalk and the two go back to Marcos apartment where Diogo tops him on the sofa. Finally, Wander dances, then takes a break around the club s swimming pool. Maintenance man Roger Andrade cruises him successfully and tops Wander around the club s outdoor gym equipment. Filmed entirely in Brazil. Format: mpegps Duration: 1:38:29 Video: 480x480, 0x10000002, 8105kbps Audio: 218kbps File size: 1.9 GB Lay_It_On_Thick.avi Lay_It_On_Thick.avi Lay_It_On_Thick.avi
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