Cast: Jon Eric, Luke Savage, Rick Chase, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Cox, Rob Steele, Steve Cassidy, A. Damron, Tuck Johnson, Blake Harper, Zachary Scott, Rick Allen, Rubaire, Steve Shannon, Duncan Mills, Doug Jeffries, Jason Branch Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Muscles, Group Sex, ThreeWays If ancient Egypt had really been as dirty and sex-filled as this, Moses and the gang probably would have stuck around a bit longer. The Pharaoh’s Curse is a rather ambitious attempt at retelling the old story with a homoerotic twist. Armed with a generally attractive cast, the film moves from ancient Egypt to modern day America to tell the story of a pheromone-soaked garment which sends its sniffers into a state of uncontrollable sexual longing. Things do get a bit overblown (no pun intended) at times, but overall the film is pretty artfully done. One of the main problems is the lighting. Thought the effects can be cool, too often many of the scenes tend to be a little too dark to see exactly what’s going on. A prime example is the outdoor four-way blowjob/fuckfest. You wish someone would just turn on a flashlight so you could fully appreciate the group grope in all its splendor. Speaking of groups, just about every scene involves three or four people, so if you think more is merrier, then prepare to hunker down for some serious self-manipulation. All in all a job well done by director Thor Stephens. Format: avi Duration: 2:08:22 Video: 720x480, DivX 4, 1171kbps Audio: 125kbps File size: 1.2 GB The_Pharaohs_Curse(2000).avi The_Pharaohs_Curse(2000).avi The_Pharaohs_Curse(2000).avi
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